Unos Pasodobles   

The piece consists of a series of actions written for pasodobles. The work is based on the concepts of suspense, contemplation, spectacularity of the minimum, law of gravity and the ephemeral. The choreography is created in the space by the weight, texture, colour and shape of the objects in motion; installing, moving, pulling, pushing, dropping, throwing and elevating them. The score is written in relation to the emotion, suspense and expectation produced by the music of pasodobles.

Teaterfestival SPIELART, Munich. November 2013
Living Room Festival, Madrid. December 2013
Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico D.F. March 2014
Festival Red Serpiente, Morelia. April 2014
Teatro Pradillo, Madrid. September 2014
Kaserne, Basel. May 2015
Mercat de les Flors (Secció Irregular),
 Barcelona. March 2016


Photos by Luis Urculo