Unas listas     

I use the list regularly as a tool to unfold concepts or ideas and even to organize them. Once this concepts are written on the list they create a simple choreography of thoughts ready to be used in a more complex choreography. Writing lists feels like step one. What I like in the process of writing lists is that everything is possible, everything fits because of its simplicity as a structure. It is the feeling of brain storming in which articulation or judgment didn't take place yet and this creates a feeling of freedom for producing thoughts. I am always fascinated to see what kind of tools people use for the purpose of unfolding ideas, some people also use maps or graphics or drawings, which I feel incapable of. Apart of writing lists as a methodological tool for life and work I'm also interested in the list as a result that is why I started this practice to explore the act of making lists in itself. I am interested in lists as a rhetorical device with no hierarchies in which the reader creates his own trip through the concepts on the list, the fragmentation of the information delivers a not completely articulated message which gives a lot of space to the reader/spectator to link this fragments one to another the way he/she wants. I see the list as a journey of thoughts and also as a landscape, both for the writer and the reader. I also find very interesting to use the list as a biographical tool, as a producer of subjectivity, then the landscape becomes a portrait. You can find out and tell a lot of things about yourself or somebody else through lists. 

Unas Listas was a practice I started alone and later on I invited Lola Lizzi and Marisol Lopez Rubio to join me. We basically wrote many lists, mainly subjective and autobiographical that created three kind of portraits of ourselves. As a result Unas Listas became a reading to the audience performed by the three of us reading the lists.

Presented in Living Room Festival, Madrid