The Nowness Mystery                                                                                                                                                      


Dr. Emmett Brown: Calm down, Marty, I didn't disintegrate anything. The molecular structureof both Einstein and the car are completely intact.
Marty McFly: Then where the hell are they?
Dr. Emmett Brown: The appropriate question is: “When” the hell are they?
(Back to the future, 1985)

The Nowness Mystery is an experiment. A work based on the experience of the present. The void of the present as a space for oportunity and a space for failure.

The Nowness Mystery is written in real time, it is a totally improvised piece and what happens on stage is determined by "how" it happens. Digression is the tool to write the piece. Digression as a trip, a trip through situations, activities, actions, fictions, worlds and languages. Digression as a tool to go from one place to another where the situation is in constant transformation. One situation that becomes another one and then another one and so on. When the performers arrive to a new situation, or a new situation is established, something makes it turn to go somewhere else. The Nowness Mystery is a constant production of present where the theme, purpose, subject or action changes all the time, a journey in which you don’t know exactly where and when you are and how did you arrive to places but you continue, you keep going. The desire of the performers drives and creates the content and situations on each moment. The trip of the performers on the improvisation justifies the content and not the other way around. What interests us most on this piece is how to arrive to things not the things themselves, and what is this thinking process to produce performance.

Alternative titles to this piece could have been: Just before the future – Today - Today, in this place – Now - Here and now - The Present - I am doing, you are doing, we are doing - Just in this moment - Between the past and the future - How long does the present last? – Pink Rivers - Digressions - A Sunday Afternoon – The wave - Present Perfect - Present Perfect - Present Imperfect - Present Continuous - Present Perfect Continuous  - Unexpectect Present Continuos - Premiere - When the hell are we?.

Concept by Cuqui Jerez. Created in collaboration with Maria Jerez and Amalia Fernández. Technical direction and lights by Gilles Gentner. Performed by Maria Jerez, Amalia Fernández and Cuqui Jerez. Co-produced by Internationales Sommer Festival Hamburg, Theaterfestival SPIELART München, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zurich and Manège de Reims - Scène nationale

Presented at
Internationales Sommer Festival Kampnagel, Hamburg: 12-14 August 2011
Livingoom Festival, Madrid: 20 December 2011
Spielart Festival, ​Münich: 2-3 December 2011
Seccio Irregular, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona: 25 April 2012
Theaterhaus Gessneralle, ​Zürich: 7-8 June 2012 
BUDA Kunstencentrum, ​Kortrijk: 27 September 2012 
La Casa Encendida, ​Madrid: 17-18 May 2014

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Photos: Ellen Coenders & Franz Kimmel