The Croquis Reloaded                                             

This piece was originally created in collaboration and performed by Cristina Blanco. Nowadays the piece is a new version adapted and performed by Ismeni Espejel.

The Croquis Reloaded is a one-woman show and reflects on the concept of the showman. It is a research on the performative act in itself through  the concept of simultaneity. All the actions of the piece take place at the moment when the author is thinking about how to begin the piece, and during this time the performer performs all kinds of actions taking place simultaneously at the same time in different parts of the world. Simultaneity is the tool that makes the piece go forward. It is as if Ismeni (the performer) wants to perform everything that is happening in the world at that moment, to bring the total reality of a moment to the scene. Ismeni is also the narrator, the text of the story is systematic, connects all the actions and serves as a container for the production of performance.


Concept by Cuqui Jerez. Original version created in collaboration and performed by Cristina Blanco Current version created in collaboration and performed by Ismeni Espejel  Lights by Gilles Gentner. Supported by Tanzquartier, Vienna and Espacios Cómodos’09 de La Porta, Barcelona.

Vienna, TanzQuatier: 17th March 2009
Madrid, Festival In-presentable, La Casa Encendida: 20th June 2009
Madrid, La Casa Encendida: 22nd and 23rd October 2009
Barcelona, Sweet La Porta: 12th and 13th December 2009
El Escorial, Madferia: 13th January 2010
Figueres, Divendres de Contraban: 12th March 2010
Uppsala, Uppsala International Festival: 9th April 2010
Vitoria, ARTIUM: 22nd May 2010
Pachuca, Mexico. Festival Transversales: 23th July 2010
Sao Paulo, Brasil, Festival Contemporâneo de Dança: 26th October 2010
Tallin, August DanceFestival: 18th August 2011
Valencia, La Naveva: 17th and 18th May 2012
Madrid, Picnic Sessions, CA2M. June 2013
Buenos Aires, Panorama Sur. July 2013
Mexico City, Festival Centro Histórico. March 2014


Photos: Ernesto Donegana (top) & Edgar Enriquez

Ismeni Espejel in the photos. Cristina Blanco in the video.