Together with Maria José Montijano we developed a writing practice based on the observation of thoughts that emerged during daily life containing a concept that for some reason made us stop for a moment in our everyday activity creating a dilemma, a question, a concern or maybe because they just produced a strong pleasure in the act of thinking. Thoughts that we found significant for one or another reason. This thoughts were codified into very short and synthetic phrases. The aim of the text was to produce suggestions but not to develop them. We created a blog where we would write everyday and read the texts of the other. Is was like a conversation of un-contextualized thoughts between the both of us. Once we wrote the text we wanted to find another device to insert it. At that time Mariajo was in Mexico and I was in Berlin and we decided to make a video with the same principle of a conversation of thoughts, as if Mexico was Mariajo’s brain and mine was Berlin. In the video the text is expanded in the urban space through posters pasted in different areas of both cities. The video is a conversation between two screens Mexico-Berlin.