The Phenomenon of Fictitious Forces

He was explaining his obsession with gravity to me and then he opened the book and read something like this: “The secret of flying is the following: you have to do it immediately, before your body realises it is defying the laws.” He closed the book, threw it out of the window and carried on talking. It fell so fast that I didn’t have time to see what book it was. At that point a phrase from Rayuela came to mind: “I’m not sleepy. I keep on seeing things in the air while you talk.”

In this piece more than 10.000 objects fly entering the stage. That's it!


Artistic assistant: Aimar Pérez Galí
Performers in the backstage: Cuqui Jerez, Aimar Pérez Galí and Xavi Manubens
Technical direction, lights and space: Carlos Carpintero and Jorge Salcedo

Co-produced by: Secció Irregular, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona
Supported by: Graner, Barcelona

Thanks to: Quim Pujol, Bea Fernández, Mónica Muntaner, Roger Adam,
Maria José Montijano, Olga Mesa, Oscar Bueno and the students of Master
en Investigación en Prácticas Artísticas y Visuales de la UCLM